nLight® Enabled Luminaires

Embedded Controls Solution

nLight enabled luminaires contain lighting control devices either within or attached to the fixtures that provide a seamless connection to the nLight network. Lighting design is simplified by requiring fewer devices, making installation and space reconfiguration easier when using nLight enabled luminaires while eliminating the challenges of on-site interoperability.


nLight enabled luminaires are an industry-leading solution that aids in code compliance, while reducing design and installation costs. The extensive portfolio of nLight enabled luminaires from Acuity Brands delivers unmatched application and fixture choice flexibility. From reconfiguration and reprogramming to networked capabilities, such as firmware updates, advanced scheduling, remote programming, or BACnet® integration, nLight enabled luminaires set the foundation for simple future upgrades and additional feature sets. We offer nLight enabled luminaires in every category tested at the factory for interoperability to support any project needs.



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