Wireless Lighting Controls with Unmatched Flexibility

nLight® AIR is wireless lighting control within the nLight platform, delivering networked lighting controls that are easy to specify, install, and use. With the elimination of wires, nLight AIR can be used in a wide variety of applications, from indoor to outdoor, new construction to renovation, and scales easily from simple to advanced. This creates the lowest cost of install for controls, while aiding in code compliance and integrating seamlessly with other building management systems.

nLight® AIR – Next Level Wireless Lighting Control


nLight AIR wireless lighting controls deliver a high-quality, reliable solution for virtually any project - all on one system.

An illustration shows how nLight's wireless lighting controls can be utilized in just one room or an entire campus - including parking decks, residential halls, and academic buildings.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

With a full portfolio of control and network devices, nLight AIR helps reduce the total install time with fewer devices, no new wires, and app-based commissioning to streamline start-ups. nLight AIR is ideal for nearly any space or project type.

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nLight product portfolio.

Mobile Apps and Software

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CLAIRITY™+ for nLight AIR

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For the comprehensive set of nLight networked lighting controls resources, please visit the resources page to help make design, specification, and installation easier for both nLight Wired and nLight AIR projects.

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