Trusted & Experienced Leader in Lighting Controls​

nLight® has been delivering networked lighting controls solutions for over 10 years and has an install base of over 3 billion square feet, providing the industry’s leading lighting controls system.


The nLight Story

With over a decade of continuous investment and development, nLight has been engineered to deliver the best in class lighting control solutions, products, tools and experience. As the industry’s leading lighting controls system, nLight makes it easier to implement solutions to aid in code compliance and introduce energy savings in a way that is simple, scalable and connected.

Our focus is exclusively on having the right products, the right tools, and the right experience and service for our customers.

The Foundation for Success:

Products and Solution – The nLight lighting controls platform offers wired and wireless options for indoor and outdoor applications with a comprehensive portfolio of occupancy sensors, photocells, power/relay packs, wall switches, panels, and nLight enabled luminaires from Acuity Brands.

The Right Tools – nLight offers a wide-variety of tools for specification, installation, and operation to support the entire scope of a project and applications including online tools, mobile apps, and software. We are committed to ensuring we have the toolset to increase productivity and support your evolving businesses.

Sales & Customer Experience - In addition to the strength of our products and solutions, sales and customer service have long been a hallmark of nLight lighting controls. We firmly believe we have the right people in place with the right experience to continue to advance our solutions driven by Acuity Brands and our partner agencies to help your business succeed.

From product specification and selection through delivery and beyond, our people are committed to making it easy for you to get the products and the information you need, when you need them.