A collage of nLight Wired lighting controls products, including an occupancy sensor and wall switches.

Simple, Scalable, and Comprehensive Wired System

nLight® Wired is a distributed, intelligent digital networked lighting controls solution that cost-effectively integrates time-based, daylight-based, and manual lighting control through its CAT-5e low voltage connected devices. By establishing a digital communication network between connected devices, nLight creates a system that helps meet code and the demand for greater functionality while aiding in reducing energy consumption. nLight decreases installation time and the associated labor costs, making it easy to design, specify, and install.

nLight® Wired Technology


nLight Wired delivers a high-quality and reliable networked lighting controls solution for virtually any project, serving as a pillar control system in commercial office, hospitality, education, and municipal applications.

A drawing illustrates how nLight wired lighting controls can be used in a variety of buildings, including parking decks, school buildings, and hospitals.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

With an extensive portfolio of networked lighting controls, nLight Wired helps simplify and reduce installation time with its out-of-box, plug-and-play default settings. nLight Wired is ideal for nearly any space or project type and combines with nLight AIR (its wireless counterpart), providing a complete project solution for any application.

nLight Wired and the DC2DC Architecture

Acuity Brands’ DC2DC architecture provides distributed DC power to a LED lighting system, enhancing its efficiency by eliminating the need and cost to convert AC to DC power at the luminaire. nLight is at the heart of this architecture, allowing for distributed control of each zone and supporting additional nLight devices for complete networked lighting control.

The DCHUB power and controls distribution hub is a required component of the DC2DC Architecture. The DCHUB distributes Class 2 low voltage DC power and nLight Wired controls to DC-powered LED luminaires, including support for emergency lighting.

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Mobile Apps and Software

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CLAIRITY™+ for nLight Wired

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For the comprehensive set of nLight networked lighting controls resources, please visit the resources page to help make design, specification, and installation easier for both nLight Wired and nLight AIR projects.

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