nLight® is a networked lighting control platform with an expansive product portfolio of both wired and wireless lighting controls. It scales from simple to advanced applications, indoor to outdoor, and easily connects to other building management systems.

nLight AIR exists within the nLight platform, offering a wireless solution for a variety of applications. With autonomous bridging technology, nLight AIR addresses obstructions and eliminates the need to run wires. This offering reduces overall install cost, reduces energy consumption, and helps achieve energy code compliance. nLight AIR offers many other capabilities consistent with first-class lighting control and does so using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) radio modules and low frequency 900 MHz RF.

Why We Use 900 MHz

The use of the 900 MHz frequency band allows signals to travel long distances and penetrate building materials, providing a reliable, instantaneous response by end devices. This approach effectively accommodates obstacles and complex building geometries and scales well to cover large spaces.

Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)

nLight AIR also features Bluetooth radios to allow for fast configuration and commissioning with our mobile app and support Internet of Things (IoT) strategies such as indoor positioning, asset tracking, and other applications. Since BLE is available in all smartphones, it provides a pathway to meet both lighting control requirements and support future use cases that expand beyond lighting, all without sacrificing the reliability of the lighting control system.

An illustration shows how networked wireless lighting controls utilize Bluetooth via the light and a smart phone in order to allow for configuration and information sharing.

Stand-Alone and Networked Solutions

nLight® AIR wireless lighting controls have two fundamental ways devices are connected. Stand-alone operation offers basic lighting control needs, such as control using wall switches, occupancy sensors, and/or daylight sensors. By adding an nLight ECLYPSE™, a stand-alone application grows into a networked solution, providing feature sets such as time-based scheduling, building management system integration, site-wide management and control, health monitoring, and much more.

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