nLight® is a networked lighting controls platform composed of a comprehensive product portfolio of wired and wireless lighting controls that scale from simple to advanced applications, indoor to outdoor, and easily connects to other building management systems.

nLight Wired is a distributed, intelligent digital lighting controls solution that cost-effectively integrates time-based, daylight-based, and manual lighting control through its CAT 5e low-voltage connected devices. By establishing a digital communication network between connected devices, nLight creates a system that helps meet code and the demand for greater functionality while aiding in reducing energy consumption.

Line-powered nLight Wired devices can provide low-voltage power to the CAT 5e bus, allowing other devices, such as sensors and switches, to be automatically powered without the need be wired to line power. This enables you to have a true class 2 system, providing installation savings by running power and communication within an industry standard CAT 5e cable.

A drawing shows that nLight wired lighting controls use line voltage wires and 0-10V wires between the luminaire and power pack and a CAT-5e cable between the power pack, ceiling mount sensor and wall switch.

Stand-Alone and Networked Solutions

nLight® Wired devices are daisy-chained together to operate in two fundamental ways, stand-alone and networked. Stand-alone operation offers basic lighting control needs, such as control using wall switches, occupancy sensors, and/or daylight sensors. By adding an nLight ECLYPSE, a stand-alone application grows into a networked solution, providing feature sets such as time-based scheduling, building management system integration, site-wide management and control, health monitoring, and much more.

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